All our shells are delivered 14 days for selection

Orders can be placed by e-mail:

Enter only the ID number of the shell when ordering


                          Fax:     +49 4939 1392

New customers
receive a pro forma invoice: payment in advance, delivery upon receipt of money  (naturally with "money-back guarantee" if returned!). 
We will ship to our established customers and collectors that we know with an invoice to be paid later.
We send you the invoice with the international bank acount (IBAN and BIC) via e-mail as PDF file.

                                     Prices,  Payment & Shipping Expenses:

The prices include 19% sales tax.

Europe & World:

Insured shipping by registered priority (air-) mail only

Shipping costs:

Orders of 100.00 and up:
postage-free delivery parcels - up to 500 gram
                                                                6.00 up to 1000 gram
                                                              12.00 up to 2000 gram
           less than 100.00 :
                      7.50 up to  500 gram
                                                             10.00 up to 1000 gram
                                                             20.00 up to 2000 gram

We accept PayPal  

but we do not charge paypal fees for orders over 50 , orders less than 50 + 4%


Payment by bank transfer preferring for collectors in EU:
We send you the invoice with the international bank acount (IBAN and BIC) via e-mail as PDF file.

Payment via registered mail:
But at the risk of the sender. UNSAFELY!

Please send
no check payments:
The banks apparently don't consider themselves to be a part of the EU.
In spite of a standardized currency, the bank deducts enormous fees not only from you,
but also from us as the recipient: Check  up to about 50.00 : approx. 11.50 ,
More than 100.00  approx. 25.00
We ask for your understanding when we
must add these amounts to the invoices, as our price calculation does not allow for these fees.


You can send all shells after 14 days back.
Please pack conches, which are to be returned, in a manner that prevents breakage and send them to us with postage paid. As soon as we receive the return shipment, we will cancel the appropriate items from the invoice. We usually then send a brief confirmation via email. This is all simple and unbureaucratic.

We didn't really want to publish this, but it has to be. It is too bad, but we have experienced all of the following:
The specimens must be returned in exactly the same conditions in which they were received. If they are damaged during the selection period, there can be no return. If a shipment is received that has been damaged by the postal service, a complaint must be immediately filed with the postal service. Changes to the shells are also not acceptable. For example, grinding of the lips or even varnishing of the shell. And we are also not a "good for bad" trading place: precisely the same specimen must be returned that we delivered. An exchange for other specimens is not possible in the return. As we do not deal in mass goods, we know the conches that we shipped very well. Enough of this, we hope that we don't have to supplement this list...