As these are collector conches, the delivery amount is limited. There are only single specimens of some of them. We also reserve the right to sell them in the mean time. We ask for your understanding regarding the limited supply items, because it is our goal to only offer really good and adult (fully grown) specimens. We do not have a basic fixed or standard palette of certain types. We fundamentally decline bulk purchases from trawlers that specialize in obtaining seashells and wholesalers. We only buy from people we trust, who follow the guidelines for maintaining species and from oceanographic museums.


 Tips on care:
We have had the best experience using thin paraffin oil for the treatment of the shell. But take care to ensure that it is really very thin. Cypraeidae, Ovulidae, etc. should never be oiled. These shells do not absorb the oil. They become slippery. (At the most, the insides can be lightly oiled to bring out any coloration).
Shells that are already externally porous (e.g. large Haliotis), on the other hand, are thankful for a little paraffin oil.  However, a shell should NEVER be coated with varnish; this immediately and completely destroys the value. 
Filed lips must everyone decide this for himself.
Storage: As free from dust as possible and not in direct sunlight. Otherwise the colors and the shells suffer.